Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Puzzling Still Life

This is a great lesson with so many parts...2nd Grade studied still lives and we had so much fun connecting to everyday life.  We looked at various artwork that was either a still life or not and compared the artwork.  Next I gave each table a vase, some flowers (fake), and a variety of fruits and veggies (from m kids play kitchen).  I had the kids arrange a still life on their table a could of times to make sure everyone got a turn.  After the last turn was had we drew the still life on the table with pencil.  After the drawings were done we traced with a sharpie (of course).  On the next class time we painted the still life.  On the last day I cut their paper on the 2 inch and then 4 inch (10 inch x16inch paper).  I let the kids pick a piece of colored construction paper and told them to figure out the puzzle before any gluing....when they were done I made sure they didn't forget the spacing between the pieces to give the window effect.  This was really challenging for some but I found that all really loved the effort and were very patient for me to help.  They look so wonderful hanging in the room.

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  1. love them! i'll have elena and the boys do that this week---at your cabin---so we can leave the perfect mess there and not at my house! ha ha!