Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Edible Colorwheel

On the last day before Holiday break, I knew the kids would be sugared up and a bit crazed to say the I knew it was time to pull out the edible color wheel.  My 5th grade really loved mixing the frosting before devouring the entire project.  I gave each student 2 plates, one for the 6 cookies and one for the frosting mixing plate.  I only gave them the primary colors and asked them to mix the secondary colors.  I wish there was more time and money to really mix all the colors, but the joy of the assignment was well understood....this will definitely be on the agenda for next year!


  1. I LOVE this Allison. You are a wonderful art teacher. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. I'm happy when seeing your photos with the kids' smile. You make students interest in doing funny projects.

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