Friday, June 10, 2011

First Annual TMSA art night

 The Main Street Academy first annual Art Night

I am not sure where to begin explaining how wonderful, how successful, and how magical this night was...first was the set up with the help of so many wonderful volunteers.  My dear friend Kristin was a rock star with set up and keeping me focused.  All this came together in less than 6 hours, calling in extra volunteers at the last minute and everything was set and ready at 5. 
The families started flowing in and were overjoyed by the gallery feel of the event.  I had over 600 pieces of art, a beautiful spread of fruit, cheese and deserts donated by our PTO and another close friend, 26 painted wooden chairs for auction (which brought over 2,000 dollars) and music performed by our 6th grade students.
I could have asked for a better night.  The artwork was stunning and looking at these pictures now, taking it all in, I am proud to say that TMSA has the most talented kids ever!! I knew all school year that they were working hard and carefully followed my directions, but when I sit here in the silence of my living room, reflecting on a school year, I am so proud, so happy to be a part of this school and these kids.

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